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Welcome to Vailshire Capital Management, LLC

Vailshire: Live well. Invest wisely.

Vailshire Capital Management, LLC, is a registered investment advisor
based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Jeffrey W. Ross, MD: Founder and Managing Director.

A New Way of Investing

Taken from the Hippocratic Oath, all first-year medical students quickly learn to, first and foremost, Do No Harm to their patients. As a physician, this has been the basis of my practice and has guided my pre-procedure discussions of risk versus benefit with thousands of patients. Judging when to act and when to relent requires much wisdom, current knowledge, humility and a true assessment of both the patient’s condition and the doctor’s ability to perform.

At Vailshire Capital Management, LLC, we believe the best fund managers possess similar attributes…



About Jeff Ross

As a fellowship-trained Interventional Radiologist and a board-certified Diagnostic Radiologist, Dr. Ross enjoys applying his knowledge of disease processes and technology to his current practice of serving patients for their benefit.